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Delivery Guidelines

JCL can deliver your products. Our drivers are professional and the nicest people you'll ever meet but of course always thinking of safety first! JCL'S trucks deliver on concrete/asphalt/gravel driveways when delivering our products. Not responsible for damages to driveways or other areas of property - at customer request. If customer prefers, it's responsibility of customer to put tarp down on driveway.  


Delivery Charges

Anything that can be dumped, $50.00 for the first 10 miles and $3.00 per mile after that.

If we need to bring extra equipment, $90.00 for the first 10 miles and $3.00 per mile after that. If your over 10 miles its a 3 yards minimum.

Pinehurst,Southern Pines,Westend ,Seven Lakes and Whispering Pines is a flat 150.00 Deliver Fee

 All deliveries will be made within two working days as long as the item(s) are in stock.

 Semi truck load (16 Tons) at a 10% discount. Does not apply to mulch or soil. Free delivery within 10 miles of shop.

We carry drainpipes for all your needs. If we don’t have it in stock can get it in 2-5 workdays.

We are now an authorized Bull BBQ Dealer

Crush and Run

$42.00 / cubic yard

This product is made from crushed stone granite gravel and can be packed tightly into holes. It is best used for filling holes for the first layer of driveways or paths. Recommended for 3-4″ for the first time use as first layer. It is used for the base of patios and walls. Driveway gravel 1⁄4”-1 1⁄2” of various aggregate. Contains fine sand particles and gravel up to 1 1⁄2. 1 cu/yd = 2,500 lbs. approximately.

Wash Stone

$47.00 / cubic yard

A naturally occurring stone, the rocks vary in color from gray to white to tan. Washed Stone can be used for an array of projects. Uses include:  septic tank fields, driveways/parking extensions, drain tile covering, ground cover, and under decks. This is  1” – 1 1⁄2” in size. 1 cu/yd = 2,300 lbs. approximately.

Quarry Screening

$44.00 / cubic yard

Used to fill in between walkways or patio stone. 1 cu/yd = 2,800 lbs. This crushed granite stone is great for a base when filling in your home walkway, patio, or dry stacked walls. Washed Quarry  Screenings are best used for smaller pavers. This is great for a sub base for stone walkways.

Mortar Sand

$42.00 / cubic yard

Playground Sand

$55.00 / cubic yard

Black Slate Chips $195.00 / Cubic yard

Medium Slate Chips are decorative stones used for landscaping, garden areas, etc. They can contain dark and light gray, blue and black color

TN River Rock

TN River Rock

1.5″-3″ $275.00 / Pallet


TN River Rock

2″-5″ $275.00 / Pallet

TN River Rock

6″-14″ $275.00-$290.00 / Pallet